JavaFX Look And Feel for Swing

I played a bit today with JavaFX and one thing that comes straight when using it is the clean UI and Look And Feel. Obviously, since is a modern toolkit, lot of attention has been put in the way things look by default. For example, here’s a simple button:


I think it looks great. Still being a Swing user, though, I feel often the pain of not having a great looking UI by default. Literally, any time you need to do anything Swing, you end up rewriting most the UI code because it’s so old-fashioned looking.

Today I decided to start a simple experiment then. Instead of writing yet another LookAndFeel from scratch (something that is fun to do, anyway), why not having a Look and Feel based on JavaFX? Here it is:


Well, it’s still pretty bare bone… I even don’t have the nice border yet 🙂 Also, the code is really a complicated mess, given I did everything in an half hour of coding, so I won’t release this yet. But maybe I can really make this a Summer project. What do you think?