Free Java DevRoom Speaker selection

You can find the original announcement here

It was a very a difficult choice this time and it took a bit to understand the best schedule and try to get the most tracks.

This is the list of approved talks, in no particular order. Thanks to anyone who participated, unfortunately we were not able to select every one, and the choice this year was insanely difficult!

I hope the speaker who we could not select will still join us to enjoy what we are preparing for this year Free Java DevRoom celebrations!

  • Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types – a Survey
  • Shenandoah – Project overview
  • Sustaining the zero assembler port in OpenJDK: An inside perspective of CPU specific issues
  • Open Heart Surgery: HotSpot Debugging at the OS Level
  • Life in the trenches
  • The State of OpenJDK
  • Java 9: Make Way for Modules!
  • Beyond Java 9
  • What Three Big Development Trends Mean for Java
  • The ARM microJIT
  • What Lies Beneath?: Lessons learned hacking the OpenJDK interpreter/compilers
  • JCP State of the Union & Progress Report
  • Diagnosing Performance Issues Using Thermostat
  • Caciocavallo, or how we ported OpenJDK from embedded to cloud and still liked it
  • Java restart with WebFX
  • The Wisdom Of Crowd Testing OpenJDK
  • InvokeBinder: Fluent Programming for Method Handles
  • OpenJDK Adoption Group Q&A
  • Fortress
  • IcedTea-Web goes offline and beyond
  • MappedByteBuffer Operations SpeedUp of 150x
  • Cache2k, Java caching turbo charged
  • Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT
  • JFree – The Long and Winding Road (Ahead)
  • Jitsi Videobridge in Cryptoland: the adventures of a Java WebRTC video router on the road to supporting 1000s of video streams

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