Free Java DevRoom Schedule online

The schedule for the Free Java Devroom just appeared online:

I’m looking forward to enjoy this Fosdem, not only the Free Java DevRoom itself has lots of great content, but as it is usually the case the same can be said about most other DevRooms. It will be a very difficult choice to decide where to go and what to see 🙂


Free Java DevRoom Speaker selection

You can find the original announcement here

It was a very a difficult choice this time and it took a bit to understand the best schedule and try to get the most tracks.

This is the list of approved talks, in no particular order. Thanks to anyone who participated, unfortunately we were not able to select every one, and the choice this year was insanely difficult!

I hope the speaker who we could not select will still join us to enjoy what we are preparing for this year Free Java DevRoom celebrations!

  • Packed Objects, Object Layout & Value Types – a Survey
  • Shenandoah – Project overview
  • Sustaining the zero assembler port in OpenJDK: An inside perspective of CPU specific issues
  • Open Heart Surgery: HotSpot Debugging at the OS Level
  • Life in the trenches
  • The State of OpenJDK
  • Java 9: Make Way for Modules!
  • Beyond Java 9
  • What Three Big Development Trends Mean for Java
  • The ARM microJIT
  • What Lies Beneath?: Lessons learned hacking the OpenJDK interpreter/compilers
  • JCP State of the Union & Progress Report
  • Diagnosing Performance Issues Using Thermostat
  • Caciocavallo, or how we ported OpenJDK from embedded to cloud and still liked it
  • Java restart with WebFX
  • The Wisdom Of Crowd Testing OpenJDK
  • InvokeBinder: Fluent Programming for Method Handles
  • OpenJDK Adoption Group Q&A
  • Fortress
  • IcedTea-Web goes offline and beyond
  • MappedByteBuffer Operations SpeedUp of 150x
  • Cache2k, Java caching turbo charged
  • Building an open Internet of Things with Java and Eclipse IoT
  • JFree – The Long and Winding Road (Ahead)
  • Jitsi Videobridge in Cryptoland: the adventures of a Java WebRTC video router on the road to supporting 1000s of video streams

FreeJava DevRoom – Call for Paper 2015

We are pleased to announce the Call for Participation in the FOSDEM 2015 Free Java DevRoom!

This marks the 12th year that the Free Java DevRoom has been a part of FOSDEM, and also marks 20 years of Java!

This year FOSDEM Free Java DevRoom will be 31 January & 1 February 2015 in Brussels, Belgium, with usual additional events and meetings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday; please, refer to the FOSDEM website for the schedule of the whole event:

The Free Java DevRoom has become unique in that it has attracted hackers from very different Free Software Java projects, giving the opportunity to bring together companies of various sizes, different project communities, mainstream core Java developers, alternative Java language implementations and runtimes, and everything that form the Free Java  Universe, everybody participating to share their knowledge in an atmosphere of cooperation and friendly competition.

It has been a long journey so far, exciting and fun, and hard at times.

But together we have made it, and Java today more than ever can count on a dynamic and vibrant Community, innovation due to participation, and a user base that is continually growing.

We won’t sit and rest on the paved road we built, though! We are eager to contribute to the next “20 years of excellence”, and we want you to be part of it!

As always, check out our wiki for more details on the conference:

And join the Free Java DevoRoom mailing list [java-devroom at]:


Fosdem organisers have expressed the desire to record everything, and we will do our best to record the sessions by default. If you wish to NOT be recorded please write clearly so in the proposal.

Please submit one (or more) 25 minute talk proposal(s) by the 1st of December 2014, 23.59 CET on the mailing list.

We will also select a small number of 45 minutes talk. If you wish to submit a 45 minutes talk please state this in the  proposal, all proposals will be considered to be of 25 minute by default otherwise.

A template for submitting a talk can be found at:

Tracks will be announced around 10th of December on the mailing list.

Please join us!

The Free Java DevRoom Organizing Committee

Java Champion!

This week I received a very welcomed news, I have just been accepted as Java Champion!

Java Champions are a group of passionate Java technology and community leaders who are dedicated to the Java platform and the Community surrounding it, it’s not a big group in terms of people being part of it (although it’s growing fast), which makes it feel even more exclusive. I’m proud to be part of it, and I hope to be up to the task and serve this new responsibility with all the deserved passion!


Fiorenza Sofia :)

Fiorenza Sofia :)

On 19th of March the most wonderful and happiest event in my life happened, my daughter was born 🙂 at 17:16, in Karlsruhe.

Just in time for Fathers’ day, which happens exactly on 19th of March in Italy (not in Germany, so I can celebrate twice 😉

Everybody said that being a father is a life changing event. While I started to understand it already from those past 9 months, I don’t think I really got prepared to fully appreciate what it really means. In fact, Roman told me that you have 9 months to prepare and inevitably get unprepared to this appointment!

Indeed, and it is really beyond description, but I feel so proud and happy, and scared, all the feelings are mixed up… but above all, I feel full of love, it is so wonderful to look at her smiling (and she does smile a lot!), a warm sense of calm and peace and happiness goes all around, the air is pregnated with it! Everyone should experience this feeling at least once, the World would be so much a better place, I think.

Anyway, it’s time to go and look at her now, she grows so fast and I don’t want to miss not even a minute of her life!

2 years at Red Hat!

Tomorrow marks 2 years I’m at Red Hat, and it has been so far a very exciting journey, for one of the most interesting and awesome company around. I’m glad I’m here!

Only problem is that I started on 29th of February, and tomorrow is actually 1sth of March… so I need to wait two years more before I can celebrate even the first year… ouch 😉 But at least I’ll be able to do a very awesome party by  then!

FOSDEM 2014!

Just back from FOSDEM (plus some recovery for a bad allergy that put me on pills and rest for the whole week after…), and I really was waiting forward to blog about that.

It has been such a great experience this year, probably one of the best I have memory of, despite it being also one of the most difficult to organize, or perhaps exactly because of the extra effort I had to put into it!

Nevertheless, all the pain was very well worth it, and I’ve had quite a few positive feedback from everybody, thanks!

The presentations were all of very high level, with the best talks from my point of view being Andrew Haley and Andrew Dinn talking about the ARM 64 port, Roman Kennke discussing about Shenandoah, which is the next Big Thing(TM), Volker Simonis and Goetz Lindenmaier speaking about the PowerPC port and Steve O’Grady offering a good rationale why Java is not so dead after all 😉

All other presentations were of great interest though, the room was literally packed up, and people were basically staying all the day long sit to avoid risking to be kicked out of the room due to maximum capacity reached. This is a problem in all of FOSDEM, not just the Java DevRoom. However, I had the impression that this is even more relevant to us: with only minor exception the quantity of people we had to turn away was basically the same (and in case of Steve talk, more!) as the one that was allowed in.

This is surely due to both the popularity of the Java DevRoom, but also to the very unfortunate fact that we could not allow for recording this year, which caused some friction with FOSDEM organizers who even blamed us during the keynote.

Yes, we are cool or something. But that’s not the reason why we weren’t recording.

Part of it was due to lack of manpower and too little time to organize this properly, since the FOSDEM main organizers came with the “we record all, no exception” rule just few days before the actual conference (the whole idea came a bit earlier, although still after the games started, but was always considered “opt-in”). We also had an issue with some talks being specifically not allowed of being recorded, while others simply didn’t tell us their preference, which complicated the matter for us even more, so we just decided to skip for all. While it may or may not make sense to have such a restriction, I can understand that people don’t necessarily want to be recorded. For some is about legal matters, for others is about the shy factor that is quite common amongst hackers around the globe, for some more is just that it isn’t appropriate to record a discussion out of context. DevRoom are also a place for such events, and we ourselves had a couple of examples, one the next day when we borrowed the Valgrind DevRoom space for an AdoptOpenJDK meeting.


No matter what it is the reason, is a matter of Freedom also the ability to opt out for such things, since it gives everybody a chance to contribute to the discussion in the end. And of course, not all of FOSDEM was recorded anyway, because our issues were the same as other DevRooms, but apparently we were the only ones to say this clearly, hence the blaming. Anyway, this big misunderstanding was in turn addressed, and I’m happy we found some kind of agreement with the rest of the FOSDEM people, after all we are all part of the same ecosystem and we do care for this to stay that way, and they really listened to our reasoning and understood the problem in the end. From our side, we’ll do our best to make at least some, if not most, of the recording happening next year.

The main event closed with a great discussion with the Governing Board. I’m very happy with this because FOSDEM has been now the only public place where the Community can meet the GB and share ideas, contribute feedback and address more blaming 🙂

In fact, there was not much blaming this year at all, most of the things still open on the floor are being addressed and this public space suggested me that my own feeling about OpenJDK as a Community project were correct, the project is well and vibrant and going in the right direction!

This is much because of the good work that everybody involved is doing. While this is to be expected of course, I feel it’s important to acknowledge the role that Oracle played on all that, and I had a chance to thank some of the people representing Oracle at FOSDEM directly, like Mark and Dalibor, Cecilia and Georges, but the list goes on and on, really. It’s important that we continue with constructive feedback and help addressing issues as they come, but it’s even more important that there’s somebody listening on the other side too!

OpenJDK is still much controlled by Oracle in various aspects, but I have the feeling that is way more open than the past and contribution, without considering the obvious technical difficulty, is way easier than it used to be.

I’m also very happy that we really started the Adoption group, and to be part of it.

Once the DevRoom closed, the discussion moved to La Manifacture, with the usual dinner, once again sponsored by Oracle and for the first time RedMonk and Canonical, which is a big welcome, and I hope we will get more contributions by them, especially in the form of talks for the next year.

One news about the Libre Dinner was that this year we experimented with the Legal DevRoom (thanks Tom for making this happen!). This gave an unique opportunity for people to discuss and get introduced, expand their contacts and do even more social networking, a great opportunity for lots of business cards exchanges if you’re into this game 😉

Pun aside, the experiment was really successful and we’ll surely do it again next time!

Overall, one of the best FOSDEM to date. And I’m already waiting forward for next year!